Friday, 22 June 2012

RAD Motorcycles Magazine

In this day and age, launching any new business is a risky affair. Nonetheless, many brave entrepreneurs are still taking the bull by the horns despite a generalised atmosphere of economic doom and gloom. One such venture is a new French motorcycle magazine called RAD Motorcycles Magazine.

In the mood to get RAD

The magazine is the brainchild of my good friend Pierre Brancaleone and is published in collaboration with Wild Magazine, another French publication that is centred on custom bikes and choppers, but concentrates more on café racers and classic bikes, although some custom bikes will no doubt make their way into RAD’s pages. Some of you may know Pierre from his Facebook persona, “Pierre Classic-Spirit”. When he launched the RAD project over a year ago, his intention was to position it as a rival to the well-established French publication “Café Racer” (which now has an Italian version, by the way, published in collaboration with the Playboy group), which in his view has become too diluted in order to appeal to a broad readership demographic and has become too steeped in the snobbish overtones of some of its staff writers, who tend to think that the café racer world is a select environment accessible only to a chosen few cognoscenti.[...]