Friday, 21 January 2011

Product Review: Muc-Off Premium Anti-Fog Treatment

First off, as this is my first article of 2011, I would like to wish you all a happy 2011!

One of the worst enemies of the common-or-garden motorcyclist is a fogged-up visor, goggles or glasses. And over the years since the invention of our jolly motorised velocipedes, various old grannies' remedies and patent quack cures and devices have been marketed as the definitive last word in curing that crippling ailment that strikes all motorcyclists, Viserus Foggius.

The latest of these to come to my attention is Muc-Off's (language, Timothy!) "Premium Anti-Fog Treatment. I had already heard of it, but was sceptical as to its efficiency. I've tried many anti-fog products over the years, and apart from the Pinlock visor, I have never really been satisfied, and have ended up being resigned to misting up every so often, particularly in winter.

"I can see clearly now the fog has gone..."
Photograph: © Marc Michon/The Thruxtonian, Jan 2011

I applied the product to my Davida WRS74  glasses, which I use with yellow lenses for when it's overcast or in low light conditions. Unfortunately, for some reason they usually just fog up as soon as I look at them, because of their foam "gasket" designed to stop air getting in behind the lenses. I applied the liquid and went off for a quick ride. And I was pleasantly surprised to find that  Muc-Off's treatment works: at a standstill, I usually have to pull the Davidas off my nose a bit to allow air to get in and de-fog them, which looks a bit silly, but there I was, able to look cool on my bike. Even when walking around with them on under my helmet, which keeps the gasket snug to my eye sockets, I could not get them to fog up noticeably.

So at last we have an anti-fog product that does what it says on the bottle. Great news for those of us who ride in winter and in the wet. You can visit Muc-Off here.

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