Friday, 7 December 2012

Cover-up Chic

When your go-to crash hat is an open-face lid, some kind of facial protection is necessary, particularly on long rides. And if you can look cool into the bargain, then all the better.

Protecting that pretty face

Naturally, classic bikers and ton-up rockers will choose the WW2 fighter pilot’s white silk scarf, which deals pretty adequately with both of the above issues. Of course, a “proper job” silk scarf doesn’t come cheap, it’ll get dirty very quickly and it’s a pain in the proverbial to clean, not to mention that putting it on takes a bit of practice and can’t always be done at a moment’s notice.

Cash-strapped riders, or those seeking practicality, on the other hand, don’t have much of a choice. You either have the good old bandanna, which has its limitations, or the neck tube, which is more practical and versatile, albeit usually about as cool as a barbecue at Lucifer’s gaff. But now Sunday Speedshop, a French start-up, has solved the problem. It has taken the humble and frumpy neck tube and turned it into something funky.

Ready to ride

Sunday Speedshop offers a wide range of designs, going from chequered flag prints for street racers, to paisley-inspired colourways for the refined motorcyclist who likes to get around with a modicum of style and elegance. The neck tubes are made of lycra with a silk-touch finish, giving them that luxury feel borrowed from the aforementioned silk scarf, combined with the practicality of man-made fibre: they’re easy to wash and dry quickly which means that you can stay smart even on long road trips. What’s more, the wide range of designs, along with a relatively cheap price, means that you can afford to acquire several of them to suit your mood, dress code or bike.

Which one will I wear today?

You can find the whole Sunday Speedshop range here.

All photos © Sunday Speedshop 

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