Wednesday, 16 April 2014

My Kingdom for a Paddock Pass

Given the ultra-regulated nature of MotoGP and of its parent body, DORNA, I'm fully aware that this is a long shot, and a futile one at best. But hey, if you don't ask...

"Please, sir..." Our E-in-C on the blag. Bless...

So anyway, I'm planning a road trip to Le Mans for the French Grand Prix in view of making a blog article of it. However, to make it really interesting and special, there's just one thing missing: a MotoGP paddock pass / invitation. I know, they're made out of 100% pure unobtanium, are as rare as rocking-horse shit and as such are only distributed to people who've jumped through all the hoops and have been vetted by DORNA. But be that as it may; if anybody with the right connections, or a MotoGP team, wants to make a small-time blog editor really happy, I'd be eternally grateful for a paddock pass.

In return, all I can promise is that you'll be glowingly mentioned in the article; naturally if you're a MotoGP team (or part of a team), you'll get a stand-alone article that will be published alongside the main piece.


Editor-in-Chief, The Thruxtonian

Photo credit: Rex

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