Monday, 11 April 2016

First Glance: Bolid'ster Jeans

Bolid’ster is the latest name in the ever-growing world of motorcycle-oriented jeans. The company is the brainchild of Frenchman Pierre-Henri Servajean, who is no newcomer to the industry, since he is the man behind the E-Squad brand name and the creator of Armalith, the high-tech fabric used by E-Squad and also by this new brand.

First off, what exactly is Armalith? It is a very strong and highly abrasion-resistant aramid-type fibre that is reputedly the strongest such fibre currently in production. Bolid’ster, like E-Squad before it, weaves this fibre directly into the denim-type fabric of their garments. This means that the jeans don’t have a thick aramid cloth lining, presumably making them feel more like normal jeans. Stitching is done with the same thread used to stitch together airbags, so it should be pretty tough too.

For the moment, Bolid’ster have two types of jeans in their range, the Jean’ster and the Ride’ster; they are directly aimed at the cafĂ© racer/chopper rider, given that they look more like a classic pair of jeans than like the funky “fashion” jeans that you might wear to go clubbing. The Jean’ster seems to be the lighter of the two, since it does not have any body armour pockets; this could therefore make it an ideal pair of jeans for skateboarders and urban cyclists. The Ride’ster is more obviously motorcycle-oriented, since it features pockets for flexible body armour at the hips and knees. The jeans will be coming on the market before the summer and retail prices will probably be around the €300 mark.
"What's it got in its pocketses?", asked Gollum
A pair of Ride’ster jeans will soon be making its way to The Thruxtonian’s secret base in the broom cupboard, and we’ll be bringing you a full review shortly afterwards.

All photographs © Bolid'ster Jeans

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