Thursday, 27 April 2017

Rockin' at the Ace... in Barcelona!

Barcelona: the Ramblas, the Sagrada Familia, the Camp Nou… and the Ace Cafe! That’s right, the Catalan capital is now home to the first Ace Cafe brand franchise on the Iberian peninsula (hmm, something other than Messi for the Madrileños to get hot under the collar about). Behind this lie three years of negotiations and hard graft, along with several million Euros’ worth of investments before the dream of Fernando Sanchez-Crespo and his associates (amongst which the Owner of the Barcelona dealership of a well-known British motorcycle brand) came true.

Ideally situated in an easily accessible commercial area on the outskirts of Barcelona, and with a modern style that gives a nod to the original Ace, more than 43,000 sq. ft. of modular space that includes the public area, a zone for private functions and the impressive visible kitchens, and an exterior compound that can accommodate up to 600 bikes and a fair few cars, everything has been designed to turn this new venue into the place to be for petrolheads (whether they’re on two, three or four wheels). What’s more, the outdoors area is fitted with implantation points for “plug and play” (or “plug and drink” – always responsibly, though!) bars and a sound system, which will be great for those long Spanish summer nights.

Fernando Sanchez-Crespo (left) with our Editor 

Just like at the original Ace Caff (as it should be pronounced), the Ace Cafe Barcelona will be hosting events catering for all types of bikes and cars, from café-racers to weekend-warrior crotch rockets for bikes, and from classics, hot rods and muscle cars to supercars and tuned road cars for the four-wheeled variety. Hey, there’s room for everybody. The inauguration gave a foretaste of this, with bikes as diverse as a Knucklehead-based short chop and Triumph’s new Street triple RS, and cars ranging from an Abarth-badged “595 Competizione” Fiat 500 to a superb Seventies Lamborghini Espada.

The Ace Cafe Barcelona caters for bikes - and patrons - of all ages

This is definitely a must-see venue when you’re in Barcelona. Find out more here.

For more photos of the Ace Café Barcelona, visit our Facebook page.

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