Thursday, 12 April 2012

A Personal Appeal

No, I’m not going to do like the fellow from Wikipedia and ask you for your money (though if you do want to give me some dosh I certainly won’t say no! And I promise to put it to good use!). In fact this is on behalf of a friend of mine.

He is the very proud owner of a Bimota YB9 SR. However, during a track day last weekend, his front mudguard came to a grisly end. Now here in Spain bodywork parts for Bimotas are more rare than rocking horse droppings.

Therefore if any of you have a front mudguard for a Bimota YB9 SR lying around, please leave a message in the comments section with contact details and I’ll pass them along (the comments are moderated, so your contact details will not appear publicly on the blog). Or if you know of somebody who might have such a part, or if you see a classified ad for such a part, please give me a heads-up with the details of the ad.



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