Monday, 9 April 2012


This isn’t the first time my blog has stumbled and required a jumpstart. There are various reasons at play here. First of all, my day job. Much as I would love it, my blog does not earn me any money, and as such it has always been clearly and deliberately subordinated to my workload. But having made the firm decision to expand my professional domain to motorcycle journalism and writing, it is clear that this blog can be of great strategic value to make my work and myself known – a sort of organic, living and breathing business card, as it were. Of course that depends upon whether or not anybody in the motorcycle writing and journalism sector – or in the motorcycle industry in general – actually knows of and reads this blog. But that is a gamble that I am ready to take.

Secondly, over the past year or so, my personal life has impinged upon my will to take interest in my blog, but as the expression suggests, that is a personal aspect that is not germane to this blog so I shall say no more on the subject.

So anyway, The Thruxtonian is back. And this time I really want to make it work. And to do that I’d be very grateful for your feedback: don’t hesitate to comment on the articles that I publish, so that I know if I’m doing things right. Of course all comments to the blog are moderated, so I shall only retain and publish those that I think provide constructive and relevant opinions, or those that can lead on to an interesting subject of debate.

Ride safe,


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