Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Attention all Graphic Designers!

In the on-going bid to revamp The Thruxtonian and to make the blog progress to greater horizons, I think that it is time to create an eye-catching logo for it. Unfortunately I have neither the know-how nor the tools for the job.

The Thruxtonian is therefore looking for a generous graphic designer who would be ready to create a logotype for the blog and who would be ready to do so in his/her own time and “pour la gloire”, as our Gallic friends would say. This is because The Thruxtonian is a non-profit concern and that its Editor and General Dogsbody (four stars) is very much broke!

So if you are a graphic designer who is into bikes, or a graphic design student who wants to practice your future trade, email me at Thruxtonian@gmail.com and we’ll discuss the project.

Enjoy the Ride!


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