Friday, 16 November 2012

Carry On Valencia

Three blokes, three 125cc bikes, £125 apiece. Their mission (and they accepted it): to get to the final round of the MotoGP World Championship in Valencia, Spain, without mishap. What could possibly go wrong?

Last year Steve Keys, Danny-John Jules (of Red Dwarf fame) and Matt Roberts (roving reporter for the BBC’s coverage of MotoGP, world-famous for his quiff and snappy sartorial style) rode from the UK to Valencia aboard a trio of Yamaha R1 sports bikes for the Riders for Health charity. This year however, they decided they had to do things a bit differently, and Challenge 125 was born. It involved putting one lucky youngster through the CBT and then unleashing him (or her) on the roads of continental Europe. So Steve and Danny were joined by George Nickless.

 Challenge 125 trailer

According to original plans, their adventure should have taken place earlier in the year and taken them to Italy, but this isn’t a perfect world, there were various setbacks and so they decided to go back to Valencia. I had the pleasure of catching up with the lads when they bivvied in Sitges, on the eve of their final charge down to the MotoGP track in Valencia, and I must say that I spent a pleasant evening in the company of three great blokes and pukka bike enthusiasts to boot. Steve, Danny: if you’re looking for your third man for next year’s derring-do, give me a shout and I’ll put the day job on hold for a couple of weeks!

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