Monday, 20 May 2013

Irish Humour

Amongst all of the images of this year’s rain-sodden North West 200 - Jamie Hamilton paddling one of his team’s hand carts down the starting grid, impromptu rain shelters that McGyver would have been proud of, the BBC Northern Ireland commentary box looking like the bridge of the Costa Concordia (complete with three disreputable-looking matelots) - and wild rumours of space-hopper races, parade laps by the local fishing fleet and that the viking ship on the Ballysally roundabout had magically come to life, sprouted a crew and raided Portrush (though I hear that this mainly occurs on Friday nights once all the pubs have closed), this wonderful feedback sheet filled in by the corner marshals at the Hillcrest post is a pleasantly witty summary of the event. It is interesting to note that the “Marshalling Team” page of the official NW200 website includes the following (under)statement: “Possible challenges may include variable weather conditions”. Indeed...
Is the Chief Marshal called Noah?

The next stop for the road racing circus is the Isle of Man TT. And all things being equal it’ll probably start snowing (again) by then!

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