Saturday, 25 May 2013

2013 Isle of Man TT

Yes, it’s that time of year: the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy fortnight is once again upon us! This year, The Thruxtonian will be attempting to bring you as much news as possible from the TT practice sessions and races via our blog page, our Facebook page and our Twitter account.

As ever, Practice Week will get underway this evening. The Mountain Road will be closed at 5 PM, followed by the rest of the course at 6 PM. The first bike is due out at 6:20 PM. Tonight’s action will consist of newcomer laps for solos (bikes) and sidecars, led around by the Travelling Marshals, after which the solo newcomers will be unleashed on their own, along with the Lightweight and Supertwin machines. The newcomer sidecar outfits will round off the evening’s proceedings.
A classic view of Kate's Cottage from Creg-ny-Baa

The weather today on Ellan Vannin is sunny and calm and temperatures are expected to reach 16º C (61º F) this afternoon. You can listen live to tonight’s practice session on Manx Radio TT, which broadcasts on 1368AM, 100.6FM on the northern portion of the Mountain Course and 87.9FM in the Douglas area, as well as over the internet and via the Manx Radio TT app ( for iOS & Android) for road racing fans around the world.[...]

For those of you who are across for this year’s action, or who will be going across later on during TT Fortnight, The Thruxtonian urges you to ride safely and observe the Highway Code at all times; leave the racing to the racers, because it’s their job and they are riding with the roads closed. However much you fancy yourself as a fast and proficient rider, you’re just a punter and you’ll be riding with the roads open to traffic - other bikes, vans, buses, people going to and from work, parents taking their children to and from school, cyclists, etc. Bear in mind that you’re a guest on the island: riding responsibly and respecting other road users will help you to turn your Manx hosts into friends! Manx Police, assisted by police across from the UK, will be watching you, using marked and unmarked cars and bikes, and remember that any fines, points or licence bans that you may get on the island are also valid back in the UK. After all, the main point of the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy is to enjoy yourself and to make it back home in one piece to be able to tell your mates what it was like!

Photograph © Dave Kneen / Manx Photos Online

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