Friday, 9 September 2016

MHD Watches - Retro style made in the UK

What do you do in your spare time when your day job is designing sports cars? You design your own brand of wristwatches, of course.

Ideal for nipping off to buy a couple of bottles of champagne

That’s exactly what Matthew Humphries does. Humphries, the former design chief at Morgan, where he was responsible for the shape of the Aeromax and the breathtakingly desirable 3-Wheeler (our Editor can spend hours sighing in front of one until some good Samaritan reminds him he’s skint - and that he’s also in the way). After stepping down from that post, he opened his own automotive design consultancy firm and, as he obviously had a bit of spare time on his hands, decided to design wristwatches under the MHD Watches name.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

A New Helmet Filters Through From Biltwell

Many of you who follow Biltwell’s social media presence may be forgiven for thinking that the lives of the lads from Temecula is simply about “having fun and riding bikes”, to paraphrase their motto and hashtag. And while it is true that they manage to find an awful lot of time to spend on the road, truth is that they’re a hard-working bunch.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Milan to Bristol on a Sterling Autocycle

Tomorrow our intrepid Editor will be flying out to Milan, from where he will be setting out on Tuesday on the first leg of a six-day Milan-to-Bristol ride aboard a Black Douglas Sterling Autocycle (a modern replica of the "flat-tanker" motorcycles of the 1910s). His five fellow riders will include Fabio Cardoni, the Founder and CEO of the Black Douglas Motorcycle Co.

Fabio Cardoni cutting a dash on the Sterling Autocycle

Naturally we will be publishing a full report about the trip when he returns to our secret base in the broom cupboard, but he will be Tweeting and Instagramming (is that even a verb? - Ed.) along the way. We have also established a Periscope account (@TheThruxtonian) from which he will be broadcasting live videos whenever possible - as long as he manages to come to grips with all this new-fangled technology, of course!

The ride will also be raising money for Save the Children, so you can still make donations on their donations page.

Photograph: © The Black Douglas Motorcycle Co.