Monday, 11 June 2018

Qwart helmets - High-tech and hand-crafted

France has for a long time had a tradition of manufacturing quality motorcycle gear; companies such as Shark, Furygan, Segura and others are well-respected for their products throughout the world. Continuing in this tradition the French startup company Qwart, based in Saïx in southwest France, creates and manufactures a range of handcrafted designer crash helmets.

The range of Qwart helmets covers two models, the full-face Phoenix helmet and the open-face Hemi helmet. The Phoenix comes in two versions, the "Slick", which does not have a faceshield (Qwart make a bespoke pair of goggles that integrate seamlessly with this helmet); and the "STD" (for "standard"), which is equipped with a faceshield.

Monday, 26 February 2018

Gear News: Fuel "Sergeant" jeans

Following on their recent presentation of the Downtown jacket, Fuel Motorcycles have just brought out their new Sergeant motorcycle jeans.

These smart jeans, which look cool whether you're riding your bike or just hanging with your riding buddies down the pub, are available in two versions, "Waxed" and "Sahara". Just like the Downtown jacket, don't be fooled by their stylish look; they're up to speed on the protection front, too.

Sergeant Waxed Jeans
The Sergeant Waxed jeans are made with premium 12.5 oz denim on the outside, waxed for waterproofing, and an anti-abrasion aramid fibre lining on the inside. They are cut in a traditional five-pocket style, with an extra pocket on the right thigh closed by a waterproof YKK zip. They feature heavy-duty suede strips on the outside of the thighs and on the inner part of the lower leg, with quilted panels on the front. They also have stretch panels at the knees that allow you to move freely on the bike. The Sergeant Waxed jeans are equipped with Level 2 body armour at the hips and knees. The knee protectors can be fitted and removed easily via pockets with an opening on the outside. The jeans' tapered fit makes them easy to fit inside a pair of riding boots.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Bike News: Harley-Davidson to add two new models to the Sportster range (from Press Release)

Harley-Davidson announced yesterday that they will be expanding their already profuse Sportster range with two new models: the Iron 1200 (hmm, I know a fellow blogger in France who'll be happy as a pig in the proverbial! - Ed.) and the Forty-Eight Special. These two new Sporties are the latest in a line of 100 high-impact models that the Motor Company intends to present between now and 2027. The leitmotiv for these two new machines is, according to the company, "High handlebars, cool graphics and garage-built attitude".

Ever since its birth in 1957, the Harley-Davidson Sportster has been endlessly customised and reinterpreted, as much by the Milwaukee-based marque as by thousands of owners worldwide. We've seen the Sporty reinvented  countless times as a bobber, a chopper, a scrambler or a cafe racer. It is with this in mind that Brad Richards, Harley-Davidson's VP for Styling and Design, states "What we've done to create the new Iron 1200 and Forty-Eight Special is what Sportster owners have been doing with their own bikes for generations".