Sunday, 11 October 2009

Corsica Tour 2009

Four more Sleeps...

Once again it's October, which means that I'm off to Corsica for a one-week motorcycling holiday. this year however, things aren't off to the best of starts. Firstly, I have just discovered that my insurance company have cocked up pretty badly: I am insured - they confirmed that to me by 'phone the other day - but I have no documents to prove that I'm insured. That means no green card, no insurance certificate, no bank certificate proving that I've paid my insurance (which is necessary here in Spain). And it's been like this since the beginning of July; since then I've been blasting around northern Spain and southern & central France. Thank f**k that the only time I got pulled by Plod they didn't see anything out of the ordinary. More to the point, I'm bloody lucky that I wasn't involved in an accident... Anyway, on Tuesday I'll go to the bank to sort out the bank certificate, the insurance will be couriering the green card to me... and damn, if the G.C. doesn't turn up by Thursday, I'll ride off with just the bank certificate and the old green card.

Secondly, the seamen's trade unions are rearing up on their hind legs which means that there may not be any ferry service between Marseille and Corsica next weekend. However, I've just been on the 'phone with HervĂ©, the organiser of the trip and a mate of mine, doesn't seem too concerned so I'll go with that. 

Apart from that, I have to get the bike ready for one week of "making good progress", as an IAM instructor would put it, around the southern part of Corsica. The oil's ok, I had that changed at the end of July; the chain kit is a bit long in the tooth, but it'll hold out (brownie points to Scottoiler), the tyres are OK, so all I have to do is charge the battery (my bike's charge circuits don't like nippy or cold weather).

My luggage system for the trip will be 100% Kriega ( an R25 rucksack (equipped with a watertight Kriega inner bag and a Kube pocket), one US-10 tailpack/rucksack extension, and a US-20 tailpack/courier bag. That's about 50 litres of luggage space all told, so it should be more than enough. Watch out for a product review when I get back from my trip.

Oh well, that's all for now... four sleeps to go and counting... Mahalo...

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