Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Corsica Tour 2009

In the starting blocks...

Things could not be better! The insurance company have finally made good their blunder and I now have all the necessary documents proving that I'm properly insured - that is a weight off my mind. And the seamen's trades unions have calmed down and called off their strike, so we should all be sailing to Corsica in a ferry, rather than having to commandeer a couple of fishing boats! Result! (...)

On other fronts, I found time to fit the Nology spark plug cables to the bike, although I didn't get round to ditching the AIS; too little time and too many things to do. I did take photos of the process, but there again, my schedule is too tight for me to upload and post them. I'll do it when I get back from Corsica, promise!

While I'm at it, my mate Sato said that the blog is lacking photos. Not to worry, that aspect will be addressed upon my return from Corsica: I'll have a shedload of pictures and a bit more time on my hands!

Anyway, this will probably be my last entry until I return. Tomorrow I'll be busy packing my bags and preparing my riding kit. Two more sleeps...

Pace e Salute

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